Blessed Unrest

Celebrating the End of an Era

The Interart Theatre at 500 West 52nd Street, which has served as Blessed Unrest’s beloved home for a decade, is closing. Women’s Interart Center has been fighting for years to preserve the space but the ruling has come down in favor of real estate development, and an eviction is underway.

In 2005, the Interart’s artistic leaders Margot Lewitin and Ronnie Geist selected Blessed Unrest, from the many companies working in the Interart Theatre Development Series, to become Interart’s Resident Experimental Theater Company. During our ten-year residency at Interart, Blessed Unrest has:

  • Staged 17 productions (10 world premieres), plus more workshops, readings, training sessions, Music Mélanges, and special events than we can count.
  • Had over 350 acting and design positions filled by artists.
  • Performed for over 10,000 audience members.
  • Staged an engagement proposal, hosted a wedding, welcomed 5 babies, and grown our artistic family.
  • Been supported by over 500 individual donations (thank you!) and over 30 foundation and government grants.

Since 1996 when Interart built the theater at 500 West 52nd, they’ve mounted 61 productions and countless readings, uniquely providing theater companies with months of time to develop and refine their work. We will be forever grateful to Margot and Ronnie for their creative counsel and support and their unflagging commitment to our future as a company. Blessed Unrest would not be where we are without them. We are confident that this setback will be only momentary as Interart moves into its 5th decade.


Join us for dancing and libations as we celebrate the Interart and all we have built there, and say farewell.

Saturday, December 12
from 7:00 until the wee hours

The Interart Theatre
500 West 52nd Street, NYC

Sorry for the short notice (this is all happening very fast). Please send a quick reply to let us know if you’ll be there.

Support Blessed Unrest
As We Press Onward

This season (our 15th!) we will be performing Body: An Anatomy of Being at the New Ohio Theatre in April and May, plus continuing the development of Macbeth and The Snow Queen. While the loss of the Interart is painful, we are excited for what lies ahead and the opportunities that are emerging for us. This change certainly presents a financial challenge, and your support of our work is essential.

Fully tax-deductible donations can be made securely here.

Checks can be sent to:

Blessed Unrest
Box 749
New York, NY 10163

Thank You

Thank you for supporting our work at Interart over the years. We hope to see you this Saturday, and look forward to seeing you in the audience this spring.

Jessica Burr, Matt Opatrny,
and all the artists of Blessed Unrest

Measure for Measure, 2007

Doruntine, 2008

Nick, 2009

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2010

ArtCamp SexyTime FootBall, 2011

The Storm, 2012

Eurydice’s Dream, 2013

A Christmas Carol, 2013

Lying, 2014

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Our work is made possible by SHS Foundation, the Interart Theatre Development Series, New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and the generosity of individual donors. Thank you!