Blessed Unrest

The 2010 – 2011 Season


The Storm: A Staged Reading and Soirée

By Aleksandr Ostrovsky

Translated and adapted by Laura Wickens

Directed by Jessica Burr

Katrina attempts to escape her loveless marriage through forbidden and inexhaustible passion. Will she lose herself being pummeled by nature in Ostrovsky’s world of hypocrisy and righteousness? The truth will come at a dear price, and everyone gets wet. Called the most poetic of all Russian plays, The Storm is a dangerous pas de deux of romance and immorality unleashed.

Featuring Dave Edson, Catherine Gowl, Jason Griffin, Eunjee Lee, Sophie Nimmannit, Darrell Stokes, April Sweeney, David Townsend, Ian Wen

Stage Managed by Jaimie Van Dyke

Lighting Design by Michael McGee

ArtCamp SexyTime FootBall: Workshop II

Directed and choreographed by Jessica Burr

Featuring Catherine Gowl, Jason Griffin, Nick Micozzi, Sophie Nimmannit, Damen Scranton, Laura Wickens

With writers Teddy Jefferson and Matt Opatrny

A Note from the Director

We had a first workshop of ArtCamp SexyTime FootBall, beginning with only the title as source material. This might make you think we’re making a show about s’mores, smut and cheerleaders. While there is always room for those things in my plays, a very strong aesthetic and multiple story lines have been developing in a really exciting way, coming largely from the experience and collective unconscious of the cast. It is still too early to answer the "what is this really about?" question, but we are having fun creating our smutty, sweaty show and also delving into something more layered and less known.

~ Jessica Burr



February 19 – March 14, 2011

In Blessed Unrest's tenth season we proudly presented the first authorized professional production in five years of Sophie Treadwell's masterful expressionist drama.

Written by Sophie Treadwell in 1928, Machinal is a powerful expressionist drama about women’s financial dependence on men, and one woman’s attempt to break free. It is a play about New York City, about claustrophobia, about the maddening banter of people going through the motions, about faith and God and the role of religion. It is about decent people craving love in a disconnected world.

The intensity of the true story along with Treadwell’s choice of language, rhythm, and scene structure, combine to create a play that is powerful, moving, and surprisingly funny. It was ahead of its time in 1928, and is remarkably relevant today. It is a play that has been neglected, and we are excited to be bringing it back to the stage in New York.

The Interart Theatre
500 West 52nd Street, NYC
(just west of 10th Avenue)

By Sophie Treadwell

Directed by Damen Scranton

Stage Managed by Jaimie Van Dyke

Design by Rachel Gilmore and Benjamin C Tevelow

Featuring Zenzelé Cooper, Eunjee Lee, Nurit Monacelli, Sophie Nimmannit, Celli Pitt, Darrell Stokes, Laura Wickens, Jason Winfield


What audiences said about Machinal

Interviews with the cast and director

ArtCamp SexyTime FootBall

ArtCamp SexyTime FootBall

May 5 – 23, 2011

Gratuitous nudity
faux intellectualism
and a parade.

This original creation, born out of the collective brilliance and humor of the ensemble, builds on over ten years of theatre making by Blessed Unrest.

The Interart Theatre
500 West 52nd Street, NYC
(just west of 10th Avenue)

Conceived and Directed by Jessica Burr

With text by Teddy Jefferson, Matt Opatrny, Damen Scranton, and the ensemble

Stage Managed and Sound Edited by Jaimie Van Dyke

Lighting and Set Design by Benjamin C Tevelow

Costume and Set Design by Rachel Gilmore

Sound Design by Damen Scranton

Created by and FeaturingCatherine Gowl, Jason Griffin, Nick Micozzi, Vaishnavi Sharma, Ian Wen, Laura Wickens