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The Snow Queen wins 2018 IT Award

We are thrilled to announce that The Snow Queen has received the 2018 NY Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Premiere Production of a Play. We are extremely grateful for the strong support of both New Ohio Theatre and New Victory LabWorks, as well as the hard work and inspiration of the Blessed Unrest Training Ensemble, as we developed the play for over a year leading up to last winter’s premiere.

Next up: Refuge

April 25 – May 11, 2019

  • An original co-production of
    Blessed Unrest and Teatri Oda
  • Written by
    Matt Opatrny & Florent Mehmeti
  • Directed by
    Jessica Burr & Florent Mehmeti
  • Co-presented with
    Baruch Performing Arts Center, NYC

Refuge is based on the little-known story of the harboring of thousands of Jewish refugees during World War II by families in Albania, most of them practicing Muslims. Albanians, many of them extremely poor, took in people with whom they did not share a common language, religion, culture, or ethnicity and sheltered them as honored guests, willing even to lay down their lives in defense of them. Though the country was occupied by the Nazis, no Jews are known to have been taken to internment camps. Our original play will shed light on this stirring story with the backdrop of the current refugee crisis in Europe, and our own nation’s attempts to close our doors to refugees and migrants.

Refuge is the third original piece created by Blessed Unrest and Teatri Oda since 2005. We have toured together six times, including the first-ever US/Kosovar theatre project in the United States. Most recently we performed together at the 2016 Secondo Theaterfestival in Zürich, Switzerland, where our production of Doruntine was awarded first prize by the festival jury. Following this premiere production of Refuge, we will tour the play (likely in 2020) to Western Europe and the Balkans.

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In Development: Reparations

We are also continuing to develop Reparations, a new play digging into the legacy of slavery and inequality in America

Expanding the Conversation
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Blessed Unrest is driven by our desire to advance the cultural conversation in America by digging into our past and shedding light on the issues of today. Please consider making a contribution to our work.

Thank you for supporting what we do, and for valuing artistic expression and exploration. We look forward to seeing you this season!

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Jessica Burr, Artistic director
Matt Opatrny, Managing Director
and the artists of Blessed Unrest

“At its best, independent theater is inventive, emotional, inspiring and has the ability to transform the atmosphere in a room full of people. In the several years I have been attending shows by Blessed Unrest, they have never ceased to amaze.”

~ Amber Gallery, NY Theatre Now

“Once in a blue moon comes a piece of theatre so impactful you wonder if you won’t be talking about it for years to come. A piece of theatre so unique and bold, it makes you exclaim, ‘Wait. Theatre can do this?’”

~ Rachel Kerry, New York Theatre Review
on Body: Anatomies of Being

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